Production Facilities & Process

Production of good with best quality is one of the major factor in a manufacturing industries , so each member of Unigreen are totally dedicated towards there rolls and we accept zero tolerance in production process.

Stage 1: Inward of Raw Material:

We purchase raw material from certified international supplier after getting clearance from R & D DEPT. on base of supplier audit report. Our quality team check each and every lot of raw material as per our standard and COA given by supplier.

Stage 2: Extrusion Process:

Various types of granules are mixed together in automatic mixing machine with a specific ratio given by R & D dept. and quality persons are monitoring the same.Now the granules are passes through extrusion machine & extrude film tube/film (as per required size)

Stage 3: Printing Process:

Films are allowed to move under printing process after specific time. Before printing, operator has brief idea about the design, color, material etc., and machines are allow to run after getting first piece inspection .

Stage 4: Bag Making Process:

All WIP output of printing machine allow for bag making process if they has QC OK identification tag.Here also first piece inspection is mandatory by QC Team than only machines are allow to run .

Stage 5: Finial Inspection & Packing:

We accept ISO STANDARD of batch inspection policy ,each and every batch of production are passes under a highly developed automated quality laboratory and after getting quality clearance certificate, FG ITEMS are allow for packing as per packing standard given by customer .

Stage 6: Logistic / Dispatch :

We have TIE UP with nos of international standard transportation company as a result we are about the delivery of material in good condition with specific time.

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